About us

Acosta Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Whether you’re a new patient, referred to us by another doctor, one of our current patients, a member of the family, or even an old friend, our entire staff welcomes you. Our philosophy is to provide you with the best quality service you deserve during your visit.

And our office was designed with the comfort of you in mind. During our planning stages, we took time to ask what would make for the most optimal office environment, and when you gave us your answers, guess what – we listened! The result is an atmosphere that is warm and inviting and allows each patient to feel welcomed and relaxed.

Our office takes patient care, comfort, education, and excellence in dentistry to a new level, starting with the basics like floor design, furniture styles, and the color of the walls to the investments we have made in the latest high-tech systems and equipment.

And if all that wasn’t enough, our dental chairs come complete with your own personal video monitor. So not only do you get a good cleaning, you also get to watch a movie while you wait! How’s that for cutting edge?